• Upgrading Rails 2 app to Rails 3 beta

    by (iwaweb)

    The Frozen Rails conference is over, but oh boy, was it worth every penny. With my newly gained confidence on Rails 3 beta and my head full of ideas, I decided to spend my Friday evening upgrading some old Rails 2 apps to the edge. With some great tips from Carl Lerche and promising screen cast: "How To Upgrade Your Rails 2 App to Rails 3 in 25 Minutes" by Geoffrey Grosenbach, I was still thinking of catching a movie later in the evening. My app was only depending on few gems and I was hopeful.
    Three hours later (and the movie being long gone), that annoying Phusion Passenger error message was gone, and I finally got my app's login screen with a smile in my face. Performance-wise I can not really notice any big difference but with Rails 3 I get better HTML 5 support and modularity. Now my app is more ready than ever to meet the challenges of constantly evolving web (*cough* let's say for example the frequent changes in some social media APIs). Learned by my mistakes, I decided to leave the migration from SQL to a new non-relational database to another Friday night.
    "Upgrading from Rails 1 app is even easier than from Rails 2 app, since it doesn't really have any features" -Carl Lerche, Member of Rails Core Team